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WVU Putnam County Extension Office
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Putnam County

Beef Cattle Management

Summer Management

Cow/calf production in West Virginia allows for additional income to the farm enterprise. Price of cattle has been good during the last two years. Cattle numbers are down; therefore, the price should be above normal for the next couple of years.

A good summer management program includes the following:

  • A good supply of quality forage to be grazed all summer.
  • Rotational grazing enhances high quality forage and gives grass an opportunity to re-grow.
  • Insect and parasite controls are essential for animal growth and health.
  • Provide plenty of clean water.
  • Supplement pastures with salt and minerals.
  • Supplement feeds may be necessary when pastures run low or dry weather cuts back forage growth. Hay, silage, or grain is a good choice to make up the deficit.