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Current Market Prices and Other Agriculture Information

Putnam Co. Agriculture Stats

  Total Farm Earnings   $1.12 Million  
  Farm Count   505  
  % of Farms Under 50 Acres   34.9%  
  % of Farms Over 500 Acres   1.8%  
  Total Farm Acres   56,627  
  Avg Farm Acres   112  
  Total Value of Farms   $6.38 Million  
  Avg Value Per Farm   $12,634  
  % From Crops   81.7%  
  % From Livestock   18.3%  

Based off 2002 figures except for Total Farm Earnings (2005).

Office Information

WVU Putnam County Extension Office
12093 Winfield Road
Winfield, WV 25213

Phone: (304) 586-0217
FAX: (304) 586-0207
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 to 4:00

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Putnam County

Agriculture & Natural Resources

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Animal Identification System:

All farms that currently or may at a future date have livestock should make application for a premise ID number. Every state will have this system in place by late 2005.

Why do we need animal identification? A rational, cost-effective animal identification program will:

—enhance foreign animal disease surveillance, control, and eradication
—facilitate epidemiologic investigations
—improve biosecurity protection of the national livestock population
—distinguish animals vaccinated or tested under official US Department of Agriculture (USDA) disease-control or eradication programs from unvaccinated and untested herd mates
—furnish official identification for animals in interstate or international commerce
—accurately identify blood and tissue specimens used for laboratory diagnostics
—track the health certification status of herds, States, and regions
—enable effective regionalization and risk assessment in support of international trade.

The premise number will be required before one can sell or buy livestock. Premise applications can be secured at most WVU Extension Offices, WVU Department of Agriculture and the last page of the market bulletin.


Agriculture in Putnam County encompasses commercial and home vegetable growers, agronomy crops, livestock, and lawns. West Virginia University Extension programming is woven around providing education information for residents to use in their farming or home environment.